Upcoming Sale Reminder! Plus The Dragon Awards!

Just a weekend reminder to mark your calendar for the upcoming 24-hour Sale on April 19th! That’s only eleven days away! For a single period of 24 hours, every book I’ve ever written will be discounted. Even Colony! Here’s the breakdown:

One Drink: Free!
Dead Silver: 75% Off!
Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection: 50% Off!
Colony: 25% Off!

If you’re looking to fill out your collection, or perhaps to share one of your favorites with a friend, April 19th will be the day to watch!

Also, don’t forget about The Dragon Awards! Nominations are still open, and will be until June 24th of this year! Time to let the world know what you found to be the best book, game, show, or more of the last year! And, while we’re at it, Colony is eligible for nomination, so if you think it’s worth it, you can nominate it!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, and mark your calendars!

Back in Business

You know, it’s funny, but I always find that it takes me a few lines worth of errors to readjust to using my big, awesome keyboard again. Just like it takes me a little while to adjust to using someone’s laptop keyboard when I’m traveling and going to make a post. The fingers go to the expected locations, and … Whoops! See? Well, you can’t, because I fixed it, but just there, with the “whoops,” I did it again.

Anyway, I suppose this is a long way of saying “Guess who’s back!” Or returned. Or whatever. For me it’s a return to work, for others a sad “awww …” as I left once more.

Enough semantics. I’m back! Arrived late last night.

And … no, I haven’t written anything today. Still unpacking, etc, etc. Jet lagging a little, oddly enough. Which doesn’t make sense because west to east … Oh well. Whatever. Anyhow, this post needs a point! I mean aside from going “Hey hey, I’m back!”

Okay, I actually do have some news for you guys. A couple snippets of it, in fact.

The first bit? There’s a new Patreon supporter post going up today! As soon as I’m done here, I’m bouncing over there (I’ve already got the tab open) and I’m putting it together. For those who are Patreon supporters, this time you’re getting a fun treat: A sneak peek at some of the new characters that are being introduced in Jungle (that Colony sequel you should be really excited for). Nothing that spoils anything—so nor worries there. I’ll cut anything that drops too much info. But you’ll get not only the character sheets themselves that I wrote up, but also some of the side stuff that’s been developed since then. Thoughts, impressions, changes to the characters as they came to life, etc. So if you’re a Patreon supporter, pop on over and take a look! And if you’re not, a dollar a month is all it takes!

Now, the second bit of news, this one concerning my books and the month of April, which starts tomorrow. What could those two have in common, you might ask? Well, there’s one thing in particular about April that’s quite special, at least to me. Those of you who’ve been regulars here for a while might know this already, but …

April 19th is my birthday.

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Music to Write to – Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

So my music collection consists of about 500 albums. Not pirated. No joke. I own a lot of music, most of it instrumental. Why? Well, I’m an author, and I need to listen to something while I work. Rather than burn out an album or two, I find its better to have a huge variety. A couple of readers have asked me about favorites from my collection, and the topic has been the subject of a BaBW post once before.

Anyway, this post is sort of in the vein of that one, except now I’m throwing out a suggestion.

Earlier today, on a whim, I picked up a new soundtrack. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, to be specific. I loved the soundtrack to the first Mirror’s Edge. Solar Fields did a fantastic job putting together an album that you could just lose yourself in, something that was perfect for just throwing on while you worked. Busy and pumping without ever losing its smooth, ambient quality, the first Mirror’s Edge soundtrack was a delight, and I still enjoy listening to it.

Today I thought I’d check out the sequel: Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. So I loaded it up on the Amazon Music Store and took a quick look. Five-star reviews, still the same artist, 32 songs … Good, good, good …

Then I saw the album length: Five hours, twelve minutes.

I kid you not. I looked back up at the tracks to make sure it wasn’t mistaken. It wasn’t. Some of these tracks are almost twenty-five minutes long. And they’re not just playing the same tune for that whole length, either. No, these are electric suites that smoothly flow from one melody to another.

For five hours.

This soundtrack costs $9.49.

I have no idea how this one slipped into this price category. Catalyst is published by EA, who before have had the wonderful (sarcasm) habit of taking a soundtrack and splitting it into at least three or four overpriced albums with a couple of songs apiece. I have no idea who was responsible to taking what by their previous standard was about twenty albums worth of content and selling it for the price of one.

But I bought it, and it’s fantastic.

And now I draw your attention to it. If you’ve heard Mirror’s Edge before and enjoyed it, definitely consider picking this one up. It’s a steal, and I almost don’t expect it to stay at such a low price.


If you’re a fan of Solar Fields, consider picking this one up. Maybe listen to it while you read a book.

The Labor Day Sale is Here!

At long last, it’s live! Everything I’ve published on Amazon.com is now either discounted or free! Just in time for anyone who wants to kick back and dig into a good book while waiting for burgers to be done, a bus to arrive, or really just any activity at all where you can think a good book or few might come in handy.One Drink Cover

One Drink? Free as a bird. You can grab Jacob Rocke’s original outing for absolutely no cost. 100 pages of ghostly wolves, smirking shamans, and philanthropic werewolves, with no DRM whatsoever. Click the image or the link, and get cracking.

Of course, why pick up just one adventure with Jacob Rocke in it when you can get two?

Dead Silver FinalDead Silver, starring Rocke’s shaman friend Hawke Decroux, is only $2.99 through next Monday. The bigger, grander, more fleshed-out sequel sees Hawke heading to the town of Silver Dreams, New Mexico to help Rocke catch a particularly troublesome chupacabra bothering the town’s livestock. When he arrives, however, Rocke is nowhere to be found, and the chupacabra attacks have taken a brazen, deadly turn. 451 pages of adventure and mystery in the New Mexican desert, completely—as usual—DRM free. Click the image or the link to face the desert.

And since you’ve got two already, why not complete your set?

Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection is just $5.99 through next Monday. Ten fantastic Unusual Eventstales are contained within its 515 pages, each one different from the last. In the Unusuals Universe, a young teen struggles with the pressures of high school and the sneaking suspicion that there may be more to the mysterious malady plaguing him lately than most would think, while a mother works to come to terms with her new “condition” courtesy of a trip to South America. In the far off wild of Alaska, two men end up stuck in a tree thanks to a curious bear with little to do but talk to pass the time. Elsewhere, a killer stalks the streets of the Indrim Empire, hunting her prey, and a young woman recounts her pursuit of her city’s own armored superhero in search of an interview. Ten stories, 515 pages, all DRM free. It’s nothing ordinary. It’s Unusual Events. Click the image or hit the link, then open the pages and begin your journey.

One Drink‘s sale extends through Friday, while Dead Silver and Unusual Events are available at their discounted prices until Monday, the 12th of September.


Don’t Forget Monday!

Actually, this post serves two purposes. First and foremost, it’s a reminder that starting Monday, everything I’ve published will be on sale. You can check the details here, but the short of it is that come Labor Day, you’ll be able to get my entire library for less than $10. Over a thousand pages worth of reading. If you’re looking to catch up before Colony comes along, Monday is the day.

But that’s not all, and thus we move to step two of this post. Monday is also going to feature, as it has been in the past, the rise of yet another Being a Better Writer post!

Yeah, pretty standard for this site, but seeing as I broke the chain while I was away, I figure a good reminder can’t hurt.

So now, on to other news. Work is back in full force on Colony. About halfway through the second Alpha, should be mostly done with it sometime next week, at which point the story will move into Beta! Still aiming for an October release, so warm up your kindles! I’ll have a bit more information on pricing and the like, as well as a cover to show off, soon, but for now it looks like the Beta is going to weigh in at around 330,000 words. Yes, that translates, based on your publisher, to a book that’s between 1,000 pages (Amazon, who go by 330 words per page on average) and 1,430 (Tor or one of the other big pubs—can’t remember which—who estimate a 233 words per page average). Unless something crazy happens and I cut a chapter or two (unlikely based on Alpha feedback so far), that’s around what the final copy will be.

In other words, this is a big book. Any wonder it took so long to get this close to release.

But I’m close. And speaking of which, I want to get another 10,000 words edited on it today, so I’d best be off.

Catch you Monday, and enjoy your weekend.